Worlds largest SuperComputer – Just like a Human Mind

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Able to work like a Human Mind, it’s the World largest and first SuperComputer which just started working this Sunday (11 November 2018).

This computer was made with the rich support from Scientists and Technicians of Britain University of Manchester. The cost of making this computer is Rs. 141.38 crores. The time taken to build this SuperComputer is 12 human years, started in 2006.


A SuperComputer is what a computer with much higher-level of performance rather than a normal-purpose computer.


A SuperComputer performance is measured in floating-point operations per second rather than millions instructions per second.


This SuperComputer which we were talking about is Spiking Neural Network Architecture (SpiNNAker).

The machine is capable to conduct 200 million million actions per second, with each of chips having around 100 million transistors.

The machine SpiNNAker is able to model more biological neurons in real time than any other machines on the planet.

Biological neurons are our basic brain cells available in our nervous system which primarily communicate by emitting ‘spikes’ of pure electro-chemical energy.

Through this machine, Scientists can work on problems related neurology and can find a way to solve them.

Successes of this machine

The head of this project, Steve Furber has said that this machine is able to replicate more numbers of neurons than others till now.

He also said that with the help of this SuperComputer we can easily able to understand the working and processing of our brain.

Recently the ability of this machine has been harnessed to control a robot called as SpOmnibot.

This robot uses SpiNNAker system to interpret the real-time visual information, and can move towards specific objects while ignoring the miscellaneous.

This also includes a 80,000 neurons model of Cortex. It’s the outerlayer of our brain that is responsible for receiving and processing information came from the senses.


It has also simulated Basal Ganglia – a region of brain which is affected in Parkinson’s disease. This results that this machine has huge potential in Science.

Unlike a normal computer it doesn’t communicate by sending a large amount of information from one point to another.

Instead of this it mimics just like a Human brain by sending billions of small ratios of information to grands of destinations.

Mr. Furber said that “We have created a machine which is essentially works like a Human brain rather than a traditional computer and which is just amazing.”

Human Brain

Researchers are eventually thinking to model up to a billion biological neurons in real time. They are now step closer with the help of this machine.

For just scaling purpose a mouse brain consists of 100 million neurons and human brain has 1,000 times more than that.

Human Brain

So means, one billion neurons is just equal to 1% that of brain, which consists of 100 billions neurons. They are highly interconnected via around one quadrillion of synapses.


By taking all the points in the mind mentioned above, Mr. Furber said that,” Our team which has spent 12 years of their lives and their hardwork hasn’t gone in vain and we are very proud of our success of building this SuperComputer.”

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