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An interview with Sumit Sao : Founder of

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I am really excited and motivated too as I got a golden opportunity to take an interview of the Founder of

“The Interview Of Sumit Sao – Founder of BloggingLift


So these questions were asked by me to him:-

Q1. When you entered in this field?

SUMIT SIR: After completing my graduation, I created a web page using html and purchase
domain name for it from GoDaddy and then started a single page website by writing html codes.
Even to write a heading, I had to do lots of modification in coding.

At that time I didn’t know about Google Blogger and WordPress and monetisation options. I just
launched this educational website. But I started learning gradually and knew about Blogger and
WordPress. Then I created a blog in blogger.
After 3 unsuccessful blog, I finally started a successful blog which is

Q.2 How do you manage to do SEO?

SUMIT SIR: I am ranking in Google 1st page for multiple keywords. If you want good results then I’ll suggest you to go to any keyword research tool and enter your target keyword. It’ll show you all the related long tail keyword.

Select a long tail keyword which has low Keyword -Density. Now optimize your article for this keyword and don’t forget to use 1-2 LSI keyword within article.

I would suggest you to use Yoast SEO plugin to do on page seo in better way.

Q.3 Does affiliate marketing that hard it seems to be?

SUMIT SIR: No, Affiliate marketing is not difficult. I want to share some affiliate marketing tips with you:

• Write review article
• Write comparison article
• Don’t force your blog readers to purchase anything just suggest them what benefits they
will get if they will use that product.
• Add testimonials
• Use Author Hreview plugin to show star rating.

If you’ll use these tips then it’ll defiantly help you to increase your affiliate sales.

Q.4 Sir what message are you willing to give to a noobie?

SUMIT SIR: These are the few things which I would like to suggest newbie bloggers:

• Invest money in premium theme to improve user experience.
• Blogging is not a quick rich scheme. It takes time to earn money from it.
• Passion and patience is the key of success in blogging.
• Start your own facebook group.

Q5. Which was the best year of your blogging?

SUMIT SIR: 2018 was the best year for me in my blogging career because from January 2018, I start getting results of my hard work.

I start making money from my blog and and I got lots of sponsored post requests.
During this year, I connect with some awesome like minded bloggers and also got opportunity to interview pro bloggers Akshay Hallur and Anil Agarwal sir.

And the best part is that I’ve start blogging tips series in my Facebook group “Blogging Lift VIP

That’s why I said 2018 was the best year for me.

Q6. How all this years kept you motivated to carry on what were you doing as many bloggers quit when they feel that they are broken?

SUMIT SIR: My biggest motivation of my blogging journey is my Facebook Group because it helps me a lot to connect with like minded bloggers. Also, As I told you earlier that in this year, I got opportunities to interview Pro bloggers Akshay Hallur and Anil Agarwal Sir.

I have learned lot of new blogging, SEO and Affiliate marketing tips from them through this interview series. So, these are few things which motivate me. I have some suggestion for Newbie bloggers that they should also focus on building connection with other bloggers and start their own facebook group asap. It’ll definitely help them.

Q7. Does Really Blogging Provides that peace which noobie think they will get??

SUMIT SIR: If you are passionate about it, putting your mind and heart into it. Then my answer
is yes. As we know that blogging requires patience, passion and hard work to be a successful blogger. But if you’ve started your blog just to make money and nothing else then according to me, you’ll wait maximum 6-7 month and if you not able to make money then it will frustrate you and finally you’ll give up.

So, I would suggest newbie bloggers that if they want peace then they should love whatever
they are doing, help their blog readers by providing them best content and have patience.
Because blogging is not rich quick scheme.

Q8. When you got to know that your FB group is growing how did you feel?

SUMIT SIR: I can’t explain my feelings in words. I started this Facebook Group in 2017 and
glad to inform you that from day-1 it’s growing exponentially. Presently, 50-100 members are
joining this group every week.
Our BloggingLift family is growing very fast.
I want to say Thank You very much to every member of this group from the bottom of my heart.

Q9. Sir are there any suggestions for my blog?

SUMIT SIR – Bullet lists help you to make your article more readable and If your article is too short and difficult to read then people will immediately click on back button which can increase your bounce rate as it’s not good for SEO.

So guys this was the complete interview of SUMIT SIR and I am really motivated and helpful as I got this golden opportunity.

Finally thank you so much sir for giving a ratio of your valuable time towards me.

The End

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  1. Amazing interview. Sumit writes awesome content in his blog. Especially I like the way he explains everything step by step.
    Either way, awesome interview.

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    I have to state it was a fantastic locate. Many thanks!

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