Why PUBG and FORTNITE are adversely affecting the teenagers??

Why PUBG and FORTNITE are adverse for Teenagers ??

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As you all know that Battle Royal Games like PUBG and FORTNITE are really in trend nowadays and a report shows that only in 2 years, the Gaming Diseases around the world has increased by 3%.

In India it’s becoming worse and here’s why…

In Bengaluru Institute Of Mental Health and Neuroscience, 3-4 Child’s parents reported the institute. A child named Vishal, was in Doctor’s cabin and Doctor asked him that, “How many Friends you have including Online and Offline?” And the response was shocking as he said,” Online – more than 500 and Offline only 2-3 Friends.”

He also stated that he is using PUBG for around 10-12 hours a day. While he played all night because all his Foreign Friends play at that time. Vishal’s addiction to PUBG and FORTNITE was increasing.

According to Bhaskar’s Survey on Schools of India, they found that 68% of children play some or the other game. India has around 22 Crores Gamers who play around 4-14 hours games a day.

Let’s do some Case Studies…

1.  Hyderabad’s Tejas was studying in Class 12. He was so addicted to PUBG because of which he scored Fewer marks in Class 10. At the beginning of Class 11, his addiction to PUBG became more intense and started to play PUBG and FORTNITE for around 8-10 hours a day. Consequences were worst, because of not Focusing on studies his school administration removed him from the school. When his parents started to interrupt him from playing Games, he started to break things and create nuisance at home. He also increased his weight. Therefore after attending 25 Sessions of Counselling, he becomes quite normal. He also told that he wanted to become a Professional Gamer.
2. Lucknow’s Saurabh was studying in 12th standard. Dad was business and Mom was reciting in different State because of Job purpose. When Saurabh was in 8th standard he started to play Games in the phone. Till he reached 9th, he was so much addicted to Games. Because of this Atmosphere of Home was also become worse. In 10th, his maths paper was left and because of this, he had to give the 10th exam again. His confidence was completely shaken by this incident. He changed the school also then also he started to play PUBG more and more. And finally, he was taken to the Rehab Centre.

pubg and fortnite destroying child lives..

Why Parents should also look after their child as things can become worse…

It’s a story of a couple who were both engineers in IT Company. Their child Rohan was studying in class 5th when his parents provided him with the phone. Now, because of early exposure to the phone, he started to play Games for around 8 -11 hrs a day. When he was bought to the clinic he said that” More than me, my parents are more worthy of this Counseling you are currently giving to me.”

Now let’s talk about how PUBG is earning around 12 Crores rupees per day…

According to reports, PUBG revenue in nowadays has increased to around 2.7%. It also has around 20 Crores installs and around 3 Crores are active among them which is playing the game for more than 4 hrs.

BattleRoyale games like PUBG and FORTNITE earn through In-app purchases, means that this game offers players some tools like Crates and Skins and just same like that PUBG has launched an Elite Pass in which game is bit upgraded from normal one and new challenges are inserted in the game, but for this player has to real money 💰.

Other than this PUBG also earn through Product Branding as recently for Promotion of Mission Impossible, the game has changed its theme in order to that.
If you don’t know what PUBG is then…

PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battle Ground is a Battle Royale Game in which around 100 players( Out of which 30 are live players and 70 are bots which are controlled by servers) play simulated and the last person to left on the map is Winner. In PUBG, players can also voice chat with their teammates or with other lobby members.

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  1. PubG is awesome and brings up a revolution these days in the gaming world. I have tried this on my phone and I must say, it very addictive.

    And that made me uninstall it haha. Because I had played it on one of my whole weekend without doing any work, and my blogs doesn’t liked it at all. Haha

    Have a great day ahead!

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