Elon Musk Tunnel – Future of City Transport

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Elon Musk – An American Entrepreneur who just don’t want to earn money but his main perspective is to change the whole world. He is the same guy behind the Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, and also co-founder of PayPal.

This December, Elon Musk has finally promised to release its vision of unveiling future of the city’s transport, that is tunnels running under the roads which can transport you from one place to another at a very high speed and also at very cheap fares.

The Boring Company

The Boring Company of Musk’s has successfully finished the building of a test Prototype in Los Angeles which is a two-mile-long tunnel, and the starting point of the tunnel is the Headquarters of Musk’s company – Tesla and run along till the suburb. If it succeeded, it will boost the viability of his other three tunnel’s proposals across the United States.

How will it work?

So basically its work is quite simple. People and Cars can enter the tunnel, for example from point A and will bypass traffic by travelling in the tunnel and will reach the end point B.

So basically it will work on skates. A Skate could carry one Car or a pod for around 8 – 10 passengers at a time.

So what skates will do is :

  • This electric skates will carry Cars or Pods for passengers through the tunnels.
  • They will ferry vehicles and Passengers and travel them at speeds of up to 240 kmph.
  • Skates are built on a modified base frame of Tesla Model X.
  • Skates are powered by Battery and are therefore zero-emission vehicles.


1. Tunnelling is slower than a snail

Yaa that’s the slow process, the first boring machine purchased by the Musk is actually 10 times slower than a snail.

2. The cost of tunnelling

Musk has purchased a second-hand tunnel boring machine to study it. Currently, the average cost of tunnelling is between $600 million – $1 billion per mile. The company is trying to reduce the costs of tunnelling by 10 times and that is $60 million per mile.

The mind of Musk

Elon Musk

To speed up his scope, Musk is improving boring technology. The company wants to power the drilling process and wants to make the machine work continuously without stopping to clear the dirt or to insert reinforcing segments to hold the tunnel in place. Musk is also thinking of using Tesla car batteries to be used in the boring machine so it doesn’t need to be close to a power source at all times.

His own views

On his Twitter account, he said that” Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging… It shall be called ‘The Boring Company.’Boring, it’s what we do.”- in December 2016, he announced his company in this way.


Experts are not convinced by Musk’s claim that his machine will tunnel 14 times faster than existing technologies. Some have also questioned the Economic convenience though Musk has said all the projects will be privately financed.

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