5G – Network which will make life like a flash

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Before we talk about 5G we will discuss the word “G”. The meaning of “G” is Generation. We have used 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

If we talk about 1G, we have used cell phones which are capable of doing some small work like calling (incoming and outgoing), with a 2M.P camera. In these kinds of phones, 1G was used.

If we talk about 2G, then the quality of the phones might be different and some more features are added in it, like SMS, DATA, etc., for entertainment.

Talking about 3G, many people use 3G. Some more features with high-speed data are given in the 3G network.

Then comes 4G, every person uses 4G nowadays. 4G can do very high-speed data transaction in some fraction of seconds. Like downloading a 1GB movie in a single minute. How awesome is that!!!

Need for 5G

In today’s world, so many gadgets have been connected to each other. But the problem is that their number is increasing very rapidly. If we talk about phones or Wi-Fi or mobile networks or even microwaves ovens, we use frequency of 6GHZ (gigahertz), But the problem is that the routes for these gadgets are jammed.

5G Network

The number of frequency lanes is limited, therefore there is a shortage of frequency lane and all the gadgets which are connected to each other get trouble in their connectivity. In simple language, the capacity of the lanes to handle the usage of all gadgets has become slow.
So if you want to enjoy more high-speed data then you have to jump on another lane which is known as millimetre wave. It will come in use from 30 GHz and between 300 GHz. If we use this frequency, then surely we will never get problems of gadgets getting the jam.

We will be able to use good networking speed as well, but the main problem is that the speed will depend on the weather conditions. If the weather gets affected, then the speed of networking will also decrease.

Why it happens??

This is because the network propellers cannot send and penetrate signals properly in foggy or hazy or rainy climate. Climatic changes are the no. 1 reason for bad networking speed.

But we have a solution for that. When the signal propellers will not be able to send signals properly, we can use low powered small cells to send the signals to the personal phone very fast and also we will be able to penetrate data from the walls and buildings.

So, 5G is coming Soon…

It is expected that 5G will launch officially by 2020. USA, China, South Korea are expected to be some of the first nations to install 5G networks. Many companies are busy making sure that their devices will be supporting 5G till 2020.

After 5G networks locally installed, we will get a very high-speed internet at a very low cost of money and can transfer more and more files to another device’s at a very high speed. We will not get any problem of network jam.

So that’s it now we just need to wait…

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