Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is very similar to a patent that Apple has not yet made

After Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha was launched yesterday, many people also realized that Apple had applied for a patent for the same design, but it never became a reality.

Mi Mix Alpha is considered one of the most unique designs today with a 360-degree screen called 4D Surrrounding Curved Display, thereby achieving a screen ratio of up to 180.6% compared to the body.

Perhaps Apple’s engineers are the saddest because since 2015, the company has applied for a similar patent, even using a virtual key to increase or decrease the volume and notification bar on the same side of the Mi device. Mix Alpha. Of course, the screen created by Apple and the actual screen of Xiaomi can display information in any area, whether on the front, back or side machine.

However, instead of just thinking about ideas on a desk or a lab, Xiaomi was ahead of Apple this time by realizing Mi Mix Alpha. However, users will have to pay up to $ 2,800 to get this super product, and the price is even more expensive than Samsung Galaxy Fold with folding screen.

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