How much water would be needed to put out Sun ?

Guys, have you ever decided that how much water would be needed to put out a huge fireball – “Our Sun”.

So we will be covering this topic in our new article today…

Let’s begin…

So our Sun, as you all know is huge ball of gases which is our one and only potential source of our life.

Our wonderful Sun is a something different case.It works on nuclear fission reaction, of converting Hydrogen atoms into Helium under immense heat and pressures at its core.

Like fire, it doesn’t need Oxygen to keep producing Energy. It’s already got its fuel baked in.

As it is turned out that Sun is not on fire. Now what would happen if we did try to hit the Sun with a tremendous amount of H2O (Water)??

So what will happen??

So basically the Sun is not on fire and doesn’t require Oxygen( O2 ).

The Sun needs is our adoration prayers ( coz I am quite superstitious) and yet ever present fear.

Only if we constantly pray will it be happy and perhaps we’ll go another day.

As we know, Fire is a chemical reaction in which object releases heat in form of energy as it oxidizes.

We also know if we take away oxygen from the fire it goes out. But wait guys… think there is no Oxygen in space, it’s a vacuum.

So let’s get back to our topic that how much water would be needed to put down sun?

Let’s  for exampls, take another Sun worth of H2O. Conveniently, as we read above that Hydrogen is what sun uses as fuel, so if give Sun more Hydrogen(H2O) it should become extra larger and hotter right!!..

Oxygen is one of the byproducts of the fusion mentioned above. And Right now, our sun is turning Hydrogen into Helium using Proton-Proton fusion reaction.

But there is also another type of reaction that happens in there is called the Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen reaction. As of right now, only 0.8% of that whole Sun’s fusion reaction proceed along this path.


Conveniently, larger and greater stars burn for a shorter amount of time before they die. The largest, most massive stars only last a few million years and then they explode as supernovae. So, if you’re out to destroy the Sun, and you’re playing a really long game.

But if you manage to blast off off your water on the Sun at really high velocity ( like of around Speed of Light ) then you will able to tear the Sun apart, this exploding it and conclusion of it will be death to all…?

So guys,
At last, we just want to say that the Sun will increase in size and become more Hotter and Arid if we tried to blow off using water.

But wait…

You could hypothetically add enough mass in the form of water to the sun to cause it to undergo gravitational collapse and form a black hole thereby “extinguishing” the sun.

But as you all know this will lead to death of Human life on Earth.

So there is no possible way to Extinguish Sun and also why anyone wants to extinguish their own life as Sun is the only way by which Our life exists and without it we aren’t there.

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