10 Upcoming Technologies that will change our society for Sure.

Artificial intelligence is already present in our everyday life and constantly come to our aid. We can take an example as Siri or Google Now. However, projects such as Cycorp have pushed artificial intelligence to another level by greatly expanding its learning and reasoning capabilities. These AI will radically change our efficiency in work and research.


Trains capable of traveling at a very (very) high speed are already in development and could become an alternative to planes in the future. The two best examples of the advancement of this technology are the Super-Maglev (which can reach 2,900 km / h) and the Hyperloop, which could become a reality around 2040.


This technology is right outside our door and will be an integral part of our lifestyle in a few years. Some products are already on the market: this is the case of Google Glass, a true ambassador of this technology. But other projects are in preparation. One day, these laptops could replace almost all the computer objects of our everyday life.


In the same style, we find ultra-immersive video games. Today, the video game industry is bigger than that of movies or music and is likely to become the main source of entertainment in the future. While many projects are about to be commercialized, such as the Oculus Rift or the Sony Morpheus Project, research is always looking ahead. The idea is to be able to create a virtual clone to fully immerse yourself in a game.


The advent of 3D printing has already changed many things in the industry. It’s a new way of creating that knows a lot fewer boundaries and is faster than traditional methods. Some 3D printers are already able to reproduce any car part while that other is capable of printing a house in less than 24 hours. It is even possible to make food!


Scientists have recently managed to develop ears in the laboratory through stem cells. This technique of organ creation could change the lives of millions of people waiting for a transplant or needing to replace an organ with cancer by avoiding rejections of transplants. 3D printing could also have an important role in this technology since a human liver was created by 3D printing.


Bionic implants or prosthesis can also change our society. Being able to replace a lost member that works like the old is already something incredible, but technology is more than just a replacement. These Bionic Limbs could be controlled by the brain in the same way as a natural limb while being more resistant and increasing the physical capabilities of its wearer.


The idea of an autonomous car has been a dream for man years, but never have we been so close to making it a reality: some projects are expected to hit the market in 2050. This is about a very serious alternative: Google’s driverless cars have already traveled at least 1,125,540 km without ever having a single accident. Tesla is also an example in this field.


If we are already thinking of holograms to bring dead artists back to life (or to give life to Vocaloids), there are much more interesting applications for holograms. While this technology is still far from ready for easy and everyday use, many projects are launched in this direction. This is, for example, the case of Ostendo, a company that has created a small projector capable of showing holograms in 3D without the need for glasses. This projector could equip our smartphones before the end of 2050. We also talked about the smartphone – Estar Takee.


Of course, this is a subject for debate. But as more and more people focus on their appearance, the anti-aging research industry has become monstrous. Some focus on gene modification since the discovery of the FOXO gene, which controls longevity in humans and other species: hydra, jellyfish or lobsters are also unable to die of old age. Others focus on the regeneration of the body and think they can slow down aging by regenerating the body’s cells.

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