The connected speaker of Orange, Djingo, will be marketed on November 14

Many times delayed, the marketing of the vocal assistant of Orange, Djingo, should begin on November 14th.

After being postponed several times, the marketing of the connected speaker of Orange, Djingo, should finally begin on November 14, as revealed this Friday Le Figaro, following the announcement of a press conference held Wednesday. next by the staff of the incumbent operator.

If the operator’s management did not reveal the price of the device, it could be around 50 euros. The Orange partner on the project, the German operator Deutsche Telekom, markets the Djingo twin, Magenta, for 150 euros in the Rhine.

The fall launch of the connected speaker was confirmed last September by Orange France CEO Fabienne Dulac, for whom the device must allow the incumbent to enter the era of objects controllable by voice.

“We are late, we have to recognize it, the good news is that Germany [Deutsche Telekom, Ed] launched Magenta on 6 September and that there is an extremely strong core between Magenta and Djingo with three months gap between the deployments of Magenta and Djingo, which leaves us quite confident that globally we will be able to launch Djingo soon, “said the leader.

The voice, the future for the Orange staff

Which act for the incumbent operator, who will market his device a few weeks from Christmas. Designed in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, the voice assistant will be in the form of artificial intelligence to manage Orange services (such as TV or connected home), using a speaker for the phone mode free hand that can interact with a smartphone, a remote control or the box. The speaker should be available in Orange shop for 49 euros, as promised in early September Fabienne Dulac.

This one does not stop praising on the new device of Orange. “Djingo should allow us to reinforce the control by voice, which will be key in the years to come, for Orange we must master these interfaces that ultimately drive our entire ecosystem. the priority is that we focus because it’s the business of Orange, not to challenge Alexa or Google Home – we do not do the same job – but to master the voice of the interface that will be the communication interface for tomorrow’s customers with the entire ecosystem of products and services Orange, “she explained at the beginning of last fall.

An opinion shared by the CEO of the operator, Stéphane Richard, who sees the deployment of voice assistants a market to conquer while less than one in ten French currently uses a daily assistant connected, as ensured in the end last year the operator.

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