Snapchat switches to dynamic ads

The ephemeral e-mail platform adopts this tool which allows to automatically create advertisements and target audiences in real time.

Snap decided to beef up its advertising offer for advertisers by introducing dynamic ads with which the company hopes to target direct brands, e-commerce and retail. With dynamic ads, advertisers can automatically create real-time advertisements based on their product catalogs that are then disseminated to Snapchat users based on their interests, using a variety of templates provided by the service. ephemeral e-mail.

Advertisers around the world now have access to this new tool, but their campaigns will currently be able to target users based in the United States. The global reach will be expanded later. 

According to eMarketer, Snap is a small player in the digital advertising market with just 0.5% market share. Snap certainly hopes to make significant progress with dynamic ads. ” More than 75% of the US population aged 13 to 34 is active on Snapchat, and everyday Snapchat users open the app more than 20 times a day, giving brands great opportunities to reach the right person with the right message at the right time “, argues Kathleen Gambarelli, director of product marketing at Snap (Eureka Presse)

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