Nokia 9.1 PureView will appear as early as April 2020

If Nokia 9.1 PureView is expected this year, users may be disappointed that the product may have to wait until the second quarter of next year to appear.

HMD Global began developing Nokia 9.1 PureView shortly after the release of the first PureView model. The company’s goal is to release the phone before the end of the summer. However, some camera issues have caused the company to delay the launch until Q4 2019. Now it seems the smartphone launch has been delayed again and the product won’t be available until next year.

Accordingly, Nokia 9.1 PureView will not appear until the second quarter of 2020.¬†More specifically, it won’t come before April next year.¬†Unfortunately, there are no details to justify this delay, but it is likely that HMD feels Nokia 9.1 PureView is not strong enough to compete with rivals at this time.

Since all mainstream companies like Samsung, Apple, Google, Huawei and OnePlus have released their own high-end phones by the end of 2019, it can dominate the year-end shopping market which makes it difficult for Nokia 9.1 PureView to competition, especially after what its predecessor received.

Besides, the fact that Nokia 9.1 PureView owns Snapdragon 855 chip can quickly become obsolete when early next year, many smartphones with Snapdragon 865 will appear. Delay will allow HMD to be able to bring Snapdragon 865 into its products and increase its competitiveness with rivals. This makes HMD’s products stand out not only in the penta camera system as its predecessor.

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