M6 group under fire from cyberattack

The company was the target Saturday morning of a malicious computer attack. The broadcast of the programs on all TV and radio antennas would not have been affected.

Update 14/10/2019 at 15h48: integration of details on the ransomware.

The consequences of the attack are much greater than those mentioned by the M6 ​​Group at first. “Employees can no longer use landlines and e-mail.The executive committee met urgently this morning,” says an article from the Express . In detail, it is a ransomware (ransomware) that blocks the phone lines and e-mail of the company. What make unusable these services to the employees of the company. They must use their smartphones to communicate.

And this has a direct impact on the organization of the company: employees were invited to return home after asking “a half-RTT in application of corporate agreements” says the Express. Also note that the National Agency for Security Information Systems (Anssi) has been seized of this file.

The previous TV5 World

The M6 ​​group posted on Twitter last night about a computer attack that has been the subject this weekend. “The M6 ​​Group was targeted Saturday morning by a malicious computer attack.The rapid and effective intervention of our experts in cybersecurity has continued to ensure the smooth dissemination of programs on all our TV and radio antennas” explained last night the company on Twitter.

“All the Group’s teams are mobilized to restore the proper functioning of all our equipment and IT resources” explained a few minutes later the company, still on Twitter.

The last major cyber attack and made public on a media in France dates from 2015. TV5 Monde had then cut for several hours the programs of its 12 channels. The managers of the chain had lost control of the organization’s websites and its accounts on social networks. An attack prepared for a long time, “heavily financed” according to the responsible at the time, Yves Bigot .

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