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Many users did not need to buy a WinRAR license to continue using the software after the expiration.

WinRAR is a software for compressing and decompressing files and data. It was launched in 1993. Since then, it has been known and popularized for its convenience and versatility. 

There are software that requires users to pay, others are completely free. WinRAR is special because it lies between those boundaries.

Publishers have targeted WinRAR as “pre-purchase trial” software. Everyone who downloads WinRAR on their computer will have a 40-day free trial before being asked to pay for this software. 

However, there is a truth that everyone using WinRAR also noticed, even after the end of the trial period, they can still continue to use WinRAR without paying any fee. 

That is WinRAR’s business strategy. They are completely free of charge to WinRAR to make it easier for small and retail users to access and trust the product.

Once getting the love from the majority of users, WinRAR will obviously become popular among companies and businesses. Individuals accustomed to using WinRAR will continue to bring this software from home to devices at work.

Big companies and businesses will be where WinRAR earns huge revenue. Because in European and American companies, copyright issues are strictly managed in accordance with the law. So these units certainly pay huge fees for WinRAR copyright on hundreds, even thousands of their computers.

That’s why a seemingly free software like WinRAR can survive and flourish for more than 20 years. 

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