Essential: a smartphone shaped remote control

The Essential manufacturer had disappeared a bit from the radar screens, it reappears today with the publication of the first images of its next models of smartphones, which should take the appearance of a remote control.

The Essential manufacturer had launched its first phone a few years ago, giving it a futuristic titanium and ceramic design that continues to make this model one of the most modern smartphones of its generation.

While the manufacturer had disappeared from the radar screens, rumors of a successor to the first model of Essential have recently started running without anything ever confirmed or disclosed by the firm of Andy Rubin. He finally decided to act and published some illustrations of his latest on the Twitter account of his company , without giving any detail on the specifications that could be equipped with the device.

Four brilliant colors are shown with a camera centered near the top of the back and this can be a central fingerprint sensor. Unusual fact: the device should, according to the indications given by the photograph above, take the form factor of a remote TV remote with a design without embellishment. A real revolution at a time when a large majority of smartphones distributed in the trade today still look like the first iPhones.

A device running Android

In detail, the device has about the same pace as a folded Galaxy Fold, while having a longer length, which is not proportionally reminded of the dimensions of the Sony Xperia 8. It is likely that this device, hidden under the name Project GEM, works with a version of Android and looking at the screen, we see it connected to AT & T under LTE and with applications such as Spotify, Phone, Maps (not a Google Maps icon however), Camera, Messages, and Gallery.

 The founder of Android and Essential, Andy Rubin, also showed some images on Twitter that show cards in action, while declaring that colors are made with Colorshift material. The device also has two buttons on the right side that are probably power and volume buttons for this new phone. Note that the 360 ​​camera phone accessory Essential Phone should probably not be compatible with this new phone.

Although the Essential phone is no longer in stock, it continues to be one of the first devices updated every time Google releases Android Security and firmware updates for Android phones. The record of updates is encouraging and shows that there are still people who keep the lights on at Essential. With this Project GEM teaser, we see that lights can also be focused on much more than software updates for a two-year-old phone.

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