Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: August 9

Because a cornerstone does not a foundation make, this edition of Short Takes looks at a misunderstanding of terms, Microsoft’s expanding partnership with Samsung, Microsoft’s Iowa hypocrisy, Microsoft contractors listening in on Cortana, and so much more. Misunderstanding what cornerstone means A report in Geekwire last week noted that Microsoft’s latest 10-K regulatory stopped referring to Windows 10 as “the …

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The Hybrid Cloud Becomes the New Norm

As businesses have been moving along the path toward modernization and digital transformation, there’s no doubt that they have been adopting the hybrid cloud in greater numbers. While cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft Azure would like nothing better than for businesses to move their entire infrastructure into the public cloud, that’s not a realistic option for most businesses. There …

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Why PUBG and FORTNITE are adverse for Teenagers ??

Why PUBG And FORTNITE Are Adverse For Teenagers ??

As you all know that Battle Royal Games like PUBG and FORTNITE are really in trend nowadays and a report shows that only in 2 years, the Gaming Diseases around the world has increased by 3%. In India it’s becoming worse and here’s why… In Bengaluru Institute Of Mental Health and Neuroscience, 3-4 Child’s parents reported the institute. A child …

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