Call and battery problems on iOS 13.1.2: what to do?

iOS 13.1.2 poses telephony problems to the iPhone. And battery and overheating problems also cause headaches to iPhone owners.

It’s crazy but we’re still in the iOS lifecycle: Apple is always busy fixing bugs that cause new bugs. This seems to be in any case what happens with the latest version of iOS 13 – iOS 13.1.2 – which introduced a new bug to the Apple operating system: phone calls drop.

I had many complaints from iPhone owners who told me that iOS 13.1.2 picks up calls within a minute of taking a call. The social networks , as well as the Apple’s own support forum , there are traces of this problem also. I also tested, and I encountered the problem.

There is no official patch, although some claim that performing a network reset – Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings – can help. It helped me in my case.

Hold on until Apple releases a new update

Another problem with this iOS update is the rapid depletion of the battery. And there are also traces of overheating devices with this new update. Here are some tips and tricks to help you diagnose and solve battery problems .

If you have updated to iOS 13.1.2, hold on until Apple releases a new update – although it appears that the call bug also exists in the beta version of iOS 13.2 , which is not reassuring. If you have not yet updated to iOS 13.1.2, I suggest you do not do it and wait.

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