Buy AirPods Pro? Here’s why you should take AppleCare + and more

If you are clumsy and prone to accidents, the additional cost of Apple’s service may end up paying with the AirPods Pro. Here’s why.

On Monday, Apple announced its new wireless headphones, the AirPods Pro . The 279 € wireless headphones are the most expensive and the most powerful we have seen at Apple so far. The Pro version of AirPods offers active noise reduction, a new transparency mode, improved sound and a new design. However, if you are going to pay € 279 for these wireless headphones, you will also want to pay € 39 for two years of AppleCare + coverage.

Why ? Because Apple has published a support pagewhich shows how much it will cost to replace an AirPods Pro or charging box if you lose it or if your dog decides that it looks like a toy. Without AppleCare +, replacing an AirPods Pro will cost you € 99 per earpiece. If you need to replace the charging case, it will cost you 99 €.

The price of AppleCare + is 39 € and you thus benefit from an extension of guarantee as well as a cover in case of accidental damages. With AppleCare +, replacing a damaged AirPods Pro or charging box costs € 29. This is a pretty important economy, even if you have to replace a headset on two different occasions.

It is expensive the loss

With AppleCare + charges, you get two “incidents”, which means you can replace two headphones, or the charging box twice, or any combination and continue to play the reduced replacement fees.

Unfortunately, AppleCare + does not cover lost or stolen AirPods Pro, so you will have to pay the 99 € replacement fee if you lose a headset. A case of lost recharge will cost you 109 €.

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