Barely delivered, already hacked?

And if the worm was in the fruit? You can deploy the most restrictive and restrictive security policies, train and educate your employees … If the machine that you integrate in your park is infected even before its enrollment, your efforts will be in vain! Unless…

Some figures have the effect of an uppercut and can leave KO: 12 Million new malware variants every month! 1 new malware downloaded every 4 seconds … This is the edifying finding that recently pulled CheckPoint Security in its report. Because according to the Cybersecurity Barometer Cesin 2019, 80% of companies have found at least one cyber-attack in the last twelve months, you took the problem head-on and made the choice to acquire new reflexes , and take drastic measures … This set of decisions and procedures constitute a solid strategy of applied safety as soon as a new machine enters the park. But have you ever considered that, perhaps, 

Secure all the steps …

From conception to manufacturing, packaging or routing to your premises, opportunities to attack the physical or software integrity of the machine are not lacking. If the issue is major, traceability is, in general, not up to the real danger. Indeed, as uncompromising as your security policy, it unfortunately comes into force once the product out of its packaging. Aware of this flaw, Lenovo wanted to go further than simply securing the end-point and take responsibility by doing everything possible to enhance security at all stages of the life cycle of a computer.

In line with the ThinkShield portfolio, Lenovo has developed a wide range of solutions and services that help streamline IT administration. But as it was about ensuring optimal machine security over its entire lifecycle, it was on an ecosystem of trusted partners that Lenovo founded its strategy.

An ecosystem of trusted partners

Thus, every step of the supply chain has been totally secured by relying on absolute transparency and a complete history of all stages that leads a Lenovo machine from the production line to the end user. Every new Lenovo product is therefore secure from the design stage, with secure hardware developed by professional PC vendors whose reliability is guaranteed and certified. By partnering with the most trusted security vendors in the industry, Lenovo can provide you with optimal protection at every stage of the life cycle of a computer at its manufacturing site in your employee’s office! 

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