Apple confirmed to continue producing new Mac Pro in the US

With US-China relations still in a period of trade tension, Apple will have to cancel plans to transfer production lines of Mac Pro desktop production line from the US to China.

In June 2019, the Wall Street Journal once reported that Apple would shift its computer production line to a factory in Shanghai, China. And Apple has not denied that report.

Until early this week, Apple had been high on the news that the new Mac Pro production line would travel to Austin, Texas, and parts were also manufactured and sourced from many states across the United States.

CEO Tim Cook told TechCrunch: “The Mac Pro is Apple’s most powerful computer, and we are proud to be making it in Austin. We thank the government for supporting this opportunity. We have “We believe in innovation in the US. That’s why we will continue to grow here and support 450,000 jobs with suppliers across the United States.”

In the past, US President Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested that Apple should manufacture its devices in the US to avoid imposing import duties from China. But the fact is that the iPhone and many other Apple products will still be made in China, India.

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