Alibaba Cloud will offer a managed service for MongoDB

This partnership with Alibaba Cloud allows MongoDB to enter China via the managed service.

MongoDB has stated that Alibaba Cloud will offer MongoDB as a managed service in China. This partnership gives MongoDB an entry into China and Alibaba a new service of a database. Alibaba Cloud will manage and support customers using current and future versions of MongoDB as well as bug fixes.

The database sector is shaken by the advent of cloud computing, which is changing the delivery models. For example, Amazon Web Services has launched a series of specially designed databases, some of which compete with MongoDB. Google and Microsoft also offer cloud-based databases.

For Dev Ittycheria, CEO of MongoDB, Alibaba Cloud can open new markets. He said in a statement that most MongoDB downloads in the last four years came from China. MongoDB is already available in the top three cloud providers, AWS, Azure and GCP.

MongoDB sure of its strength in the cloud

Jason Ader, an analyst at William Blair, said in a research note that MongoDB’s gamble is that distinctions between relational and non-relational databases (NoSQL) will disappear over time and that databases will be linked to specific applications.

Jason Ader says: “From a competition point of view, MongoDB does not seem to care about former competitors (who he says have stuck in the past with the relational paradigm) or newcomers (whom he sees as a niche)”.

“While cloud titans are a long-term threat, MongoDB has not seen significant interest in AWS DocumentDB so far, and management points out that most enterprise customers are reluctant to use massively native cloud databases for fear of foreclosure (lock-in) “.

For fiscal year 2020, MongoDB is expected to generate revenue of $ 394.1 million, up 55% over fiscal year 2019.

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