Guest Post’s thinking has been a successful writing method

  • Increase Traffic
  • Promote keywords
  • Increase the reputation of the website
  • Promote the brand itself
  • Creating relationships with other bloggers and webmasters in the same field.

The benefits are many, but many of you are still wondering how to write to get the article accepted on other websites. And the topic today I write, is to solve the question that many people often encounter: “How to have a good Guest Post” or in a simple way, “Thinking to the Guest post. Post accepted. ”

1. Focus on benefits

The first issue a Guest Post needs is the benefit it brings to the readers on the website you are targeting. People will never publish your article if the content of the article refers to the knowledge that is no longer accurate or does not bring any benefit to their readers.

Assuming that you are writing Guest Post for a page about SEO tips, you should focus on the content that SEOs are looking for, such as ” How to SEO keywords to TOP ” or “Choose words.” how to lock SEO properly? ” The benefits you can bring in most articles can be listed in several groups as follows:

  • Explain the definition: Suppose SEO beginners often search for keywords like “What is SEO?” Or “What is Internal Link?” Or “What is bounce rate?”
  • Compare products, assess quality: Review articles, provide detailed information between this product and other products.
  • Motivation: Help people feel more like working.
  • In-depth analysis: Speak more closely on a specific issue.
  • Instructions to do something: How to bathe cats and dogs, how to treat diseases, how to …
  • Interview: Usually celebrities, …

2. Related with the main website

For your post to be accepted, it is better that your article is really relevant to the main content that the Website needs Guest Post to target. If I were the owner of a website specializing in calligraphy and people sent me an article about “How to raise cats”?!? Can I accept the posting on the homepage? Obviously the answer is “Never!”.

Therefore, you need to search for content that is truly relevant to the topic your website is targeting. If they talk about SEO, write articles on this topic. Relevance can be broken down into several different levels, below are a few examples:

  • Website about SEO – Article guiding SEO (Very great)
  • Website about SEO – Article on how to choose keywords, a factor in SEO (Excellent)
  • Website talking about SEO – Articles about the spirit of SEO success (Good)
  • Website talking about SEO – Articles raising dogs and cats (Not good at all).

3. Ability to link internally.

Since you are a Guest Post, it is better to first research the content that the website you are about to write. If people have written an article with a title like “What is a blog?” Then the next topic for you to write will probably be “Why should Blog?”, The reason to choose this new topic. The purpose of the Guest Post is because it relates to the previously created post and complements the content the previous post has made.

In other words, creating these branches has three great benefits:

  • Firstly, it will help the website get more in-depth content
  • Secondly, helping website owners to place internal links more closely.
  • Third, the article that you Guest Post will be more powerful when there are internal links pointing to.

Because the usual Guest Post will be placed from 1 to 3 backlinks pointing to the article author’s website (is you), this method will help you optimize the power of the Guest Post method on “guest land”.

4. Can be shared

This is a fairly widespread problem for newcomers to Content. A shareable article must be an investment with quality content, a variety of presentation methods (such as combining text with images, videos, infographics, audio files, gifts) valuable,…). This will help your article get more viewers, website owners also benefit, you also benefit, and readers benefit. All family is happy.

Therefore, before you put a pen to write an article, think about whether people will share your article in any way? Will they share with each other because your article provides useful, complete information or because it is interesting and easy to understand, receptive, easy to remember?

5. Length and ability of SEO posts

It is better to optimize the Onpage for the article you are using to Guest Post, because the Webmaster of famous sites often does not have much time to sit and edit content for you as well as errors. on Onpage optimization, so take a few minutes to think:

  • Does the title attract visitors
  • Tags H2, H3, H4 are stable
  • Keyword density
  • Images to use for SEO (preferably from 3-5 images).

Doing this will prove to the other person that you are really serious and responsible at work.

Hopefully, through this article, readers will better understand how to write a quality Guest Post and easily accepted.

If you find this article helpful, I hope you will share it with more people. And of course, all questions, readers please leave in the comment section below the article, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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