8 things I like about iOS (and you might like)

It’s these cool and super-useful features that make I can not be mad at iOS for too long. Despite some blood shots.

I had wanderings with iOS 13, and I even had a love affair this summer with Android. But in the end, I always come back to iOS. Here’s why.

1. No bloatware

After my love affair with Android, I appreciate the simplicity and cleanliness of iOS. No bloatware, random junk or bundled applications of strength. Of course, iOS comes with its applications, and the integration around iMessage, iCloud, and Safari is pretty narrow, but you can still work differently quite easily.

Although some would consider applications bundled under iOS as bloatware, they are all useful, are not full of ads, and most can be removed.

Overall, the fact that I do not have to uninstall a lot of things after an iOS installation is a victory I give to this platform.

2. Privacy

I am continually impressed by the privacy features that Apple integrates into the platform. New features such as blocking the use of location services by apps and Bluetooth monitoring you are welcome in this era where everyone wants to take care of your life and your data.

The tight integration with third-party password managers is another iOS feature that I appreciate, and it greatly enhances user security.

3. Dark mode

I used dark mode on some devices, but the implementation in iOS seems to be the best. There’s a lot more to the dark mode than just making everything dark, and Apple has invested a lot of thought and effort into building a dark fashion theme that works and allowing application developers to make their compatible applications.

4. Video editing on the iPhone via the Camera application

It’s a great help. I no longer need to play with iMovie or a third-party application to make simple edits. I can do them directly from the app after shooting.

5. Split View and Slide Over on iPad

The ability to have two or three applications simultaneously on the iPad is a huge productivity gain. It’s not as simple as multitasking on Windows or macOS, for example, but it allows me to work more than ever on an iPad, and means I have much less need to lug around my MacBook Pro.

6. On-screen keyboard that works

I’ve tried and tested more on-screen keyboards than I can count (or remember), and every time I come back to the original iOS keyboard, I’m always pleasantly surprised. And now that the keyboard of the iOS 13 supports scanning, I feel that what was once a good keyboard has become even better.

I can type tens of hundreds of words on my iPhone without much effort, and if I switch to my iPad, my productivity is even greater. Although I still believe that you can not beat a good physical keyboard with a virtual keyboard, the on-screen keyboards are now very good.

7. Amazing photography with a single click

It always impresses me how good the photos taken with the iPhone are, especially considering that there are smartphones with much better camera equipment. If I want to take one-click photos that I can use without post-processing, I always turn to my iPhone.

8. Storing external USB sticks on the iPad Pro

Even though I like to store my digital data in the cloud, nothing beats the ability to move data to external drives and the ability to connect them to my iPad Pro.

It may be because I work with a lot of big files that are cumbersome to move to and from the cloud (especially when I’m away from my office), but external storage drives remain a big part of my professional life.

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