5G: JD.com inaugurates a connected logistics park

Like Amazon, JD.com has inaugurated its new Beijing warehouse. His particuliarity ? It is fully connected via 5G networks. A logistical revolution for the Chinese giant of e-commerce.

Amazon just has to stand. Chinese online trading giant JD.com has announced the opening of a logistics park powered by 5G. According to the staff of the Chinese company, this new infrastructure will have the advantage of improving the operations of the site and ensuring better control of its strategy based on the Internet of Things. Located in Beijing, the warehouse is equipped with a new monitoring system that can detect and assess problems that occur on the spot, in real time.

The Chinese e-commerce giant said the 5G would provide sufficient bandwidth to increase the efficiency of its “large-scale” IoT capabilities and facilitate “instant communication” between its staff and the machines. With its real-time monitoring system, the warehouse will be able to track the location and routes of forklifts and pallets and receive preventative alerts in the event of a fault. For example, to ensure efficiency and safety, the system will be able to detect forklifts parked in the wrong place or having an abnormal driving route. Automated monitoring of mass pallets will also significantly improve efficiency over manual monitoring,

“The 5G system will also greatly improve the efficiency of operations inside the facility with smart parking that guides incoming vehicles to the most appropriate parking spot or mooring bay and mooring bay.” digital that facilitates real-time monitoring of the loading and downloading of goods by truck, “said the latter.

5G at the heart of JD.com strategy

The Chinese giant’s staff has focused on 5G, which should enable it to accelerate its policy of strengthening its IoT capabilities, fueling other applications for JD.com’s logistics operations and improving efficiency. through its group supply chain. These technologies would be used throughout its logistics park network to enable “reliable and reliable” robot-to-robot communications, reducing the need for human intervention, JD.com management said.

“Low latency, high speed, and the ability to support a wide range of simultaneous connections provided by 5G networks create an unprecedented level of real-time connectivity, dramatically improving the efficiency of JD execution operations, which is essential to provide the best customer service in the business, “said Zhe Wenming, JD Logistics Chief Logistics R & D Architect and JD.com Logistics Fleet Manager.

The Chinese giant launched last October a parcel delivery service in China, which allowed consumers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to send parcels between cities and across mainland China via its mobile application. His management also plans to expand service options to include various delivery times, including same-day or two-day delivery, and high-value items such as luxury goods and consumer electronics products. top of the line. According to JD.com, the new parcel delivery service would operate on the company’s existing logistics network and supply chain management technology, which is committed to delivering more than 90% of orders in the day or the next day.

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