42% of consumers will turn to Amazon for the holidays

End of year rhymes with gifts … And the 2019 vintage promises to be very good for Amazon. An Episerver study shows that e-consumers will be even more numerous this year to shop at the American giant.

Christmas is coming and, according to forecasts, e-commerce will still break new records. According to a survey conducted by Episerver in the United States and the United Kingdom, 42% of consumers will buy most (or all) of their gifts on Amazon. 4500 people were surveyed and, unlike the rest of the year, the e-commerce giant passes Google. Indeed, during parties, 32% of buyers will start by turning to Amazon, then 18% to Google. 

But everything is a question of point of view. By observing the numbers, we note that one person in two will not make a purchase on Amazon. In fact, 47% of respondents say they will buy little or no on the platform. Good news for other market players!

Results that differ

Depending on the product categories, there are some nice differences. This is normal because ready-to-wear, electronics or decoration are not consumed in the same way. For example, for apparel users will be more likely to visit a brand or store site at 43% than Google at 29% and Amazon at 30%. Moreover, for some purchases, such as furniture or always ready-to-wear, people continue to go to the store before placing an order online. Logic!

The question that arises today is: what role do social networks play in all of this? Vast advertising space: social platforms generate huge traffic to e-commerce sites. A significant gateway that has doubled the traffic between 2018 and 2019. 

But that’s not all ! Episerver believes that influence marketing should have a strong impact this end of the year. According to the study, 52% of buyers clicked on influencer posts and only 23% of respondents said they did not follow influencers. Of course, these figures represent only a part of the population, because we know for a fact that the influencers primarily affect a young audience. On average across all age groups, 67% of Internet users do not follow influencers.


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